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Helen is an emerging artist and singer-songwriter based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Growing up surrounded by music in her hometown of Decorah, Iowa, Helen started writing songs at the age of ten and soon began performing at local venues in Decorah and neighboring towns and cities.Her songwriting quickly evolved into the confessional and narrative lyricism that characterizes her music, cultivating stories in her songs that offer up intimate snapshots of her personal life but also connect with a wide audience through the universal themes of love, loss, and heartbreak.


Helen moved across the country to attend college in New York state before returning to the Midwest in 2021. She released her first single, “When the Heartbreak Comes,” in November of 2022, before swiftly diving into production of her latest project, her five-song EP Confessions of a Girl in Love. Helen elevates her sound on this project, turning songs she wrote alone in her bedroom into rich, full arrangements that support her soul-baring style of songwriting. Confessions of a Girl in Love is the latest venture of an artist that continues to push herself and demonstrate an incredible propensity for growth, artistry, and a deep love of music and songwriting.

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